Devil and Lovers I 0


The day of Michaelmas is noted for many as the 29 of September each year. Some have three and some have four Archangels as messengers at charge ready to join in the celebration of the triumph of Archangel Michael leading the Heavenly Host in the battle over Lucifer. The cards that I have worked on have been chosen to illustrate the fall of Eden, the rise of man and the potential to see the conflict as a struggle, as a battle that we can all win. If the Devil Card reveals the call to the animal and the lustful nature then The Lovers illustrates the clarion call of the former idyll the paradise of Eden giving us a visionary gateway to bring back the memory of long summer days that lived up to make the perfect moment so special we wish to enjoy it again and again. The combination of good and evil iconography in these images is reset to bring the balance of want and need, of gluttony and greed into a new image composed in a very familiar symbolic structure now embellished and set to inspire new visions. The battle between good and evil can be a religious experience and an expression of faith. The same battle of good and evil can be the balance we can create to make a better world for all to share through our deep set and openly given sense of community that builds the world we all need.

These images are edited version of the original Rider Smith Waite Tarot Cards. William Rider & Son published the illustrations of Pamela Colman Smith that completed the description written by Arthur Edward Waite. The film versions describes how the transitions between the images appear to be revealing their symbol structure through an x-ray, or other scanning technology. There is no suggestion that these two cards were designed to be set one on top of the other, or side by side. I have made 60 variations to subtly illustrate what I wanted to reveal in the images when they are combined giving an insight that can be used to view the balance of The Lovers in Eden and in Hell The Devil. Hopefully I will have my film on line again soon that reveals the Four Angels in the Rider Smith Waite Tarot Cards.

PHH Sykes copyright 2019
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